Eric Boehlert, Media Critic and Writer, Dies at 57

His death was announced on Twitter today by journalist and friend Soledad O’Brien

Media critic Eric Boehlert, who created the Press Run website and wrote for Rolling Stone and Media Matters for America, was killed in a bicycle accident.

An avid bike rider, Boehlert was struck by a commuter train while riding near his home in Montclair, New Jersey

Boehlert was bicycling in his hometown, Montclair, New Jersey, when a train struck him at a railroad crossing.

On Twitter, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called Boehlert's death “terrible news.

He specialized in exposing disinformation and holding fellow journalists and politicians accountable

Soledad O’Brien, reported the news and called him a “fierce and fearless defender of the truth.”

Eric Boehlert