Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story" Netflix completely exposes the British entertainment icon

A former British entertainment icon Jimmy Savile turned out to be a monster

Jimmy Savile (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was an English DJ, television and radio personality who hosted BBC shows including Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It.

He was known for fund-raising and supporting charities and hospitals

During his lifetime, he was a beloved public figure , thanks to his extraordinary charity work

After his death, hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse were made against him, leading the police to conclude that he had been a predatory sex offender

Almost a year after his death, an ITV documentary examined claims of sexual abuse by Savile

Scotland Yard launched a criminal investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by Savile spanning six decades

Savile wrote: “Because I get into St James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace on a regular basis